The new standard in n-screen workflow and delivery

Reducing complex video workflows required for a n-screen world delivers real cost savings, however with the standardisation and deployment of unified streaming in its infancy, the opportunities to do so are all too rare. The Yospace HTTP Streaming SDK for Flash provides this opportunity.

The HTTP Streaming SDK for Flash is a component that will allow you to play HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streams in your existing Flash player. This obviates the need to deliver Flash-proprietary protocols such as RTMP or HDS; instead you can deliver the same streams that you are already delivering to iPhone, iPad, Android 3.0 and above, and other TV streaming platforms such as Boxee or Roku.

Best in class for playback experience

We believe that our support for HLS stands is simply the best in the market outside of Apple's own implementation. The technical specifications of HLS streams can vary dramatically so you will instantly realise the benefit of a hardened player to handle whatever is thrown at it. If it works on an iOS device, it should work in our SDK. That's our philosophy.


  • Reduce complexity in your video workflow
  • Reduce costs by improving CDN cache efficiency
  • Leverage your existing Flash player software
  • Deliver consistent user experience across platforms

An HTML5 Transition Strategy

For many organisations with interactive web content, the transition from their existing Flash-based componentry to HTML5 needs careful consideration. The replacement HTML5 experience should deliver at least the same functionality and should be available to the widest possible audience.

Transitioning from a Flash-based player to an HTML5-based one is more complex because when it comes to video Flash and HTML5 are not equivalents. HTML5 does not mandate support for any specific streaming protocols or video formats; this is the decision of the browser and/or the operating system on which it runs. It is because of this that support for the streaming that underpins HTML5 is inconsistent and patchy across platforms. Given this, Flash still represents the safest option for now.

It is likely that you are already delivering HLS streams for iOS and Android 3.0+ devices already, which is expected to transition to MPEG-DASH over time.

The HTTP Streaming SDK for Flash allows you to deliver these HLS streams to your Flash and dispense with the need to create Flash-specific streams. This effectively allows you to transition your video workflow to the "HTML5 future" without having to compromise on the widespread deployment and functionality provided by your existing Flash player.


  • Supports Apple HTTP Live Streaming
  • Adaptive bitrate playback
  • Compatible with Baseline, Main and High H.264 profiles
  • MP3 and AAC audio tracks
  • AES-CBC decryption
  • CEA-608 Closed Caption support
  • NetStream API

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