VOD Workflow & Delivery Support Home

Welcome to the yospaceCDS Support Site which provides information about operating yospaceCDS for VOD workflow and delivery for web and mobile devices.  

Getting Started

If you're new to yospaceCDS, we recommend that you read our Getting Started Guide.  It provides information explaining how you can get video content into your yospaceCDS account by covering which ingestion mechanisms are available, which formats of video can be loaded and how to get best results.

Content Management Console Administrators Guide

Our Administrators Guide to yospaceCDS explains the Content Management User Interface and how it relates to the features of yospaceCDS for VOD workflow and delivery.  It also contains a number of instructional videos.

To log in to the Content Management Console, go here.

To sign up for a new account, email our sales team.

MediaItem API

Developers integrating yospaceCDS into their video workflow use the MediaItem API to manage content within yospaceCDS.   This reference to the MediaItem API provides examples of each of the calls to support content ingestion, status tracking, content deletion, content replacement and metadata management.

Access URLs

yospaceCDS provides multiple ways in which you can access video content which is documented in our guide to Video Access URL syntaxes.  The key to the yospaceCDS design is that the video access system abstracts the concept of video titles from their underlying delivery URLs, allowing you to change your encoding and usage profiles without breaking existing applications.