As on-demand video content consumption grows, many broadcasters are looking to defend audience share by strengthening their live event and appointment-to-view content offers. As broadcasters distribute this live video across a growing range of IP platforms, many industry executives see compelling new opportunities for advanced advertising – such as dynamic ad-insertion and sequential targeting. But it is a complex market, with major internet businesses and platforms competing to own the live IP video advertising space: ad-funded platforms such as Twitter, Amazon and Facebook are entering the market, acquiring live event rights and contributing to a dramatic increase in the cost of premium live sports rights. What are the optimum approaches for broadcasters and what will it take to succeed?

Yospace and MTM would like to invite you to join in our discussion and receive the findings of our work exploring the future of live and linear video in a multi-platform TV market.

Key topics include:

1) How will the linear IP streaming video market evolve across Europe? How will the role of live content develop?

2) How are new linear advertising capabilities such as dynamic ad insertion, sequential targeting and programmatic trading developing and what commercial opportunities do these enable?

3) What are the commercial and technical challenges of monetising live streamed video?

4) How are best-in-class broadcasters innovating with advertising in linear streams?

We will be presenting our findings later in the year.  If you would like to be kept up-to-date with any events we are running as part of the research, or are interested in the results, then please register your interest below.