Come and meet Yospace at NAB Show!

April 9–12
South Upper Hall
Booth SU3414

Here's what you'll see on our stand

See how we delivered dynamic ad insertion during the Australian Open tennis tournament – one of the hardest sports to monetise due to the unpredictability of the ad breaks.

Read the case study here.

We're running a demo with our partner SpotX to show how our integration enables programmatic advertising and feeds an increase in the value of digital inventory. 

Pick up our latest report, "The Imperative for addressability in live and linear video", which looks at how broadcasters are combating the threat of major internet companies through SSAI and user data.

Download the report now here.

Why Yospace is the world's leading Dynamic Ad Insertion provider

One-to-one addressability
Not just segmented targeting, but delivering a personalised stream to every viewer no matter how many tune in

Major event experience
In 2018 we've provided DAI for the Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, India cricket tour of South Africa, English Premier League and UEFA Champions League soccer, Australian Open

Reliability at scale
In February alone, our peak concurrency was over 1.4m and we delivered over 750m personalised ad impressions across 5 continents

We expect the unexpected
Break timings in major live are fluid and can be determined by a time-out in a sports match, for example.  The hardest ad breaks to unlock are often of the highest value ad breaks.

User Experience
If you don't have an audience then you can't monetise it.  We deliver a premium TV-like experience for OTT that supports the latest enhanced players and scrubbing functionality.  We’re also active in low latency research

Independent tech
We're purely tech-focussed.  Our platform integrates with all the key points of the OTT workflow and allows broadcaster to switch other components, such as the ad server, at will

Real-time tracking information is fed back from the client to your chosen ad server, falling back to server-side tracking where client-side isn’t available

Visit our partners

Akamai and Yospace recently worked together across the recent South Africa – India cricket series, which drew record audiences for server-side DAI in live simulcast.

Bitmovin is a leading provider of video infrastructure for forward-thinking digital publishers around the world.  Watch its Dynamic Ad Insertion demo for live streams using Yospace's platform.

Edgeware's TV CDN technology helps content owners to lower costs, deliver an outstanding viewing experience and regain control over their content delivery.  Yospace has recently completed an integration with Edgeware for DAI into DASH.

Yospace and NexPlayer recently announced a pre-integration for server-side DAI and client-side tracking for HTML5.  Read the press release here.

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