IBC 2019: Scale and Addressability for SSAI

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By Paul Davies, Communications & Marketing, Yospace

In our preparations for the IBC Show, we’re discussing what no doubt will be hot topics at the show around SSAI on our blog. In this post we’re looking at scale and addressability. 

Scaling addressable is a continued challenge for broadcasters, and something that we regularly discuss with prospects, partners and customers alike at trade shows.

The challenge for scaling addressable advertising lies in the fact that being able to scale live SSAI and plan for future scale in an environment where all viewers see an ad break at the same time is hugely important.  However it’s made complex by the two opposing forces at play:

  1. Programmatic: The need to allow programmatic platforms the time required to respond to fully realise the value of the ad inventory
  2. Low latency: This improves the viewer experience but shortens the time available to the programmatic ecosystem to conduct millions of complex decisions and transactions.

To maximise the revenue opportunity, it’s necessary to make ad decisioning calls in an orderly fashion way ahead of the actual break taking place.  Our prefetch system allows ad calls to be made early, allowing the time needed to return a full pod of ads for each viewer, and this is a crucial element of our offering that we’ve been sharing with visitors to our booth at the show.

You can read more in this blog post and our Go Live whitepaper offers a more in-depth explanation. 

If you’d like to speak further about scale or addressability, please click here to book a meeting on our booth 14.G14 in the Content Everywhere Hall at IBC.