IBC2019: Content Protection and Data Security

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By Paul Davies, Communications & Marketing, Yospace

While preparing for this year’s IBC Show, we’re discussing the SSAI topics that we know will be hotly discussed and in this blog we’re taking a look at the importance of content protection and measurement. 


There’s been a lot of talk in the industry about MPEG-DASH.  Yospace was the first vendor to announce server-side ad insertion (SSAI) support for MPEG-DASH and we have many customers using it for live streams, so we can talk from a point of experience.

The ecosystem for supporting MPEG-DASH is still relatively immature in terms of players, encoders and packagers.  Behind this is the fact that the specification for MPEG-DASH doesn’t specify exactly how an MPD should be expressed to support SSAI.  

We are seeing broadcasters start to explore the alternative of using HLS with CMAF, the Common Media Access Format.  HLS with CMAF maintains the simplicity of HLS (especially for SSAI) while many of the advantages provided by MPEG-DASH. 

Where there are devices that can support both MPEG-DASH and HLS+CMAF, careful consideration should be given as to what format is most suited to their in-house expertise.

Read more about this in this blog post from Yospace product manager Olivier Cortambert.

SSAI as middleware

A crucial benefit of SSAI that’s only just being realised is the layer of protection it offers to user data.  SSAI effectively provides a middleware layer between the viewer’s device and the advertising ecosystem which acts as a protective layer against the systems with which viewers are interacting.

However, this middleware buffer alone may not be enough to convince broadcasters that there is adequate protection against the misuse of first-party data.  To enhance its security even further, Yospace partnered with SpotX to enhance its integrated SSAI offering. SpotX’s Audience Lock removes viewers’ proprietary data (Device ID, IP address and Cookie ID) from the bid stream before it is exposed to advertisers in a private marketplace.

You can read more in our guest blog post on SpotX’s website.

If you’d like to chat further about content protection or measurement for SSAI, please click here to book a meeting on our booth 14.G14 in the Content Everywhere Hall at IBC.