Go Live: Addressable, Ad-Supported, Live Video At Scale


The mass reach of live television makes it incredibly valuable to advertisers, especially during major live events.  As live OTT services enter the mainstream there is a fantastic opportunity to improve yield through one-to-one addressability and programmatic trading, but the system only works if the viewing experience matches the seamlessness of linear television, and at scale.

What are the challenges that broadcasters face in delivering the experience and scale of TV with the capabilities of digital?  Akamai, SpotX and Yospace have the experience to answer this question from all points of the OTT advertising workflow.  Together they present the latest innovations in marrying advanced advertising with scale and reliability in this white paper.

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Audiences for live streams are breaking records with each successive major event at a time when video advertising is becoming more and more complex.  With tools like addressability and programmatic trading coming into play, there may be 5, 6 or 7 ad calls per viewer per ad.  Yospace CTO David Springall speaks to nScreen Media about how innovative prefetch systems are required to successfully monetise the streams.


There are two principal requirements of any rights holder live-streaming a major event: first, to provide viewers with a reliable, seamless, high quality experience; second, to provide advertisers with all the advantages they’ve come to expect from digital, including addressability, programmatic trading and accurate per-viewer measurement.  Yospace CEO Tim Sewell speaks to SpotX at NAB18 about how these challenges are being met.


Live television has historically provided a very smooth experience for the viewer, and similar expectations have been set for live streaming.  How can a broadcaster or rights-holder ensure a TV-like live streaming experience while delivering on the increasingly complex demands of advertisers?  Yospace Founder & CTO David Springall speaks to SpotX at NAB18 about how this challenge is being met.


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