Yospace win at Digital TV Europe’s Content Innovation Awards

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Yospace is delighted to have won in the Advanced TV Innovation of the year category of Digital TV Europe’s Content Innovation Awards.

The category celebrates technologies that change the way people use and view TV, and recognises technology or services that deliver a new and better form of TV experience – whether by enabling viewers to view content in new ways, by overcoming a technical or commercial challenges or delivering a measurable improvement in the overall quality of a service.

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace, commented: “We’re delighted to have won at the Content Innovation Awards, especially given the strong competition. I’d like to thank everyone involved in the project at Yospace and Channel 4, who fully deserve this recognition.”

You can read the full list of winners here.

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Channel 4 launches personalised and dynamic ad replacement with Yospace

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New digital platform All 4 introduces personalised ad insertion in the live stream to boost revenues and customer engagement

Channel 4 has selected a solution by Yospace, the leading name in dynamic advertisement replacement, to introduce personally targeted video ads across all of its online content.

Earlier this month, the broadcaster announced that it was moving away from traditional linear ad feeds across its digital properties in favour of dynamically served, targeted ads. Channel 4 will replace its pre-scheduled blocks of inventory, with tailored and targeted live video advertising, which will be available to buy programmatically by the end of the year.

The solution from Yospace provides unique in-stream ad replacement with seamless transitions to and from the advertising.  Insertions are performed server-side, so the viewer will see an uninterrupted stream, while being presented with ads that are customised according to their unique user profile.  By ensuring seamless and transparent splicing, the consumer perceives a broadcast quality service, but with advertising of such relevance that they stay with the stream.

The recent agreement with Yospace is part of the second phase of the All 4 launch – the broadcaster’s new online destination that presents all of Channel 4’s linear channels, digital content and services in one place, for the first time. All 4, the offering’s new brand identity for its digital platform, initially introduced ad insertion for VOD, and will now use the Yospace solution to launch personalised ad insertion into the live stream.

Jonathan Lewis, Head of Digital Innovation and Partnerships, said: “For Channel 4’s registered viewers, the All 4 experience is becoming even more personalised.  We have leading audience insight capabilities and a database of more than 12 million viewers who can access a bespoke set of content and related experiences.  This ethos is increasingly carried throughout our advertising, and the Yospace solution will enable us to deliver personalised ads to both individuals and specific groups seamlessly into the live stream.

“Our programmatic launch has also opened up a host of opportunities around what we do with our live feed generally – and we’re currently exploring what place dynamic ad serving could have on the big screen.”

Channel 4’s online revenues have tripled in the last five years and continue to show strong growth driven by product and data innovation. The latest figures from Yospace show that deployments of its technology has brought view-through rates for dynamic advertisement replacement up to 98.7% for broadcasters.  With the ability to incorporate interactive functions in the online advertising, such as clickable overlays, engagement is driven even further.

Yospace CEO, Tim Sewell said: “Our technology is already driving substantial advertising views for a growing number of broadcasters, and is ideally suited to Channel 4’s requirements.  We are delighted to be working with such an esteemed broadcaster who already leads the field in providing the most personalised viewer experience.  Our solution will enable it to leverage its extensive user database to really maximise revenues through personalised and seamless live ad insertion.”

“A solution like this will only work if it’s reliable and stable enough to cope with major TV audiences, as potentially millions of viewers will tune in at the same time. Another fundamental requirement is flexibility.  Timings of the ad breaks in live programming are often fluid, so ad replacements have to be applied on-the-fly, in real-time, and with scale.”

The Yospace solution is robust and proven in the most demanding live environments, and scales to meet the demand of very large concurrent audiences.  Broadcasters and online content providers can use tailored, dynamic ad insertion to make digital services financially viable and build better audience relations.

Box TV taps Yospace and Tremor Video to deliver ad replacement in online simulcast

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New technology allows advertisers to be laser-targeted on Box TV’s simulcast and app.

This week, Box TV is dynamically serving replacement adverts firstly into its simulcast and then app streams in real-time.

Using in-stream ad-replacement technology developed by Yospace, with ad decisioning performed by Tremor Video, Box TV will provide an alternative online advertising solution where brands can target audiences by channel and environment using viewer data.

Julie Wright, Business Development and Commercial Director at Box TV, says: “We’re passionate about bringing viewer-friendly advertising technology to our partners, audiences and products. So we are proud to be the first TV network in the UK to introduce laser-focused ad break replacement to our simulcast player and The Box+ app. We can now provide our clients with a more tailored and relevant approach when advertising online and on-air – it’s a unique position to be in.”

The new adverts can be interactive, so users can click straight through to the dedicated brand website. There will also be enhanced data available to advertisers, who will be able to measure click-through rates within mobile app environments.

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace, says: “Our platform delivers a genuine TV viewing experience whilst enabling fully personalised in-stream ad replacement, unlocking an entirely new revenue stream for broadcasters as well as giving advertisers a measureable new platform to advertise on. We are extremely excited to work with Box TV on this UK industry first.”

Alex Macnamara, Managing Director, UK at Tremor Video, says: “The future of TV is changing swiftly; with the impact of new platforms like Netflix, BT Sport, Now TV and Google’s Chromecast, through to traditional broadcast channels such as 4OD, ITV Player and BBC iPlayer meeting consumer demand for content on their terms. Box TV, Yospace and Tremor Video’s advertising solution is another great illustration of how smart technology is driving this change to meet both consumer and advertiser interests.”

Please contact Bite on 0208 741 1123 or 4Music@biteglobal.com for further information.


Box TV is the UK’s most-watched music TV network. A joint venture between Channel 4 and Bauer Media, it broadcasts seven inimitable music television channels from the UK’s no.1 music TV channel 4Music, to The Box, Smash Hits, Kiss, heat, Magic and leading rock destination Kerrang! In Q1 2014, the portfolio attracted 22.8m viewers.

It also broadcasts through dedicated simulcast players hosted on the channel’s relevant websites (e.g. http://www.4music.com/watchnow), allowing viewers to watch on the web and via mobile and tablet devices. In May 2013, Box TV also developed an industry-first interactive TV portal that gives 4Music Freeview viewers’ access to Magic, Kiss and Kerrang! via the red button.

The free Box+ app is also available to download from the App Store and Google Play, allowing viewers to watch the portfolio wherever, whenever they want.

Box TV is dedicated and passionate about driving creative and innovative programming formats to ensure viewers get the ultimate experience on Freeview (4Music plus Kiss, Kerrang! and Magic accessible via the Red Button), Sky, Virgin Media, Freesat (all channels except 4Music) and on TalkTalk’s YouView (all channels except 4Music).

To download The Box+ mobile and table app, please visit: