Advanced advertising is imperative for broadcasters looking to compete with major internet players, according to report

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London, UK – 29th November 2017

Leading international research and strategy consultancy MTM releases a report today that explores US industry perspectives on the future of live and linear broadcasting in an OTT world.

The research, sponsored by Yospace, found that US TV executives are bullish about the prospects for live and linear channels, despite intensifying competition for audiences and ad spend.  Live and linear TV is unique in offering mass concurrent audiences and, as the online market fragments, the value of that reach is growing – delivering “immense value” according to US executives.

“The way to remain socially relevant is to be live. A live viewer will be tweeting about it, and telling their friends the next day.  That’s hugely valuable to broadcasters because it creates an affinity for their channel – and it’s valuable to advertisers.” – US broadcaster

However, central to enhancing this value, according to the study, is the need to invest in advanced TV advertising (ATVA) technology.  TV executives are increasingly looking to develop and deploy addressable solutions over IP networks delivered to connected devices and, crucially, Smart TVs.

By contrast, the wider development of ATVA capabilities on TV platforms will require broadcasters and MVPDs to strike partnerships and commercial agreements, as required, to bring data and inventory together – partnerships that have proven challenging to establish.

Despite the challenges in striking these partnerships, there is a widespread desire to move quickly to combat the threat to premium content rights posed by the major internet companies. TV executives see four key priorities for the US industry:

  1. Enhance the linear consumer experience with fewer – but more relevant – TV ads, to retain audiences
  2. Apply data and addressable solutions to linear streams, to maximize the value of the inventory delivered over their IP-based services
  3. Collaborate, where appropriate, to provide cross-publisher solutions to advertisers, reducing market fragmentation
  4. Work with MVPDs to enable the roll out of ATVA solutions on TV platforms, across a wider range of inventory.

“Negotiations are all about what we can do together and how we can partner. It’s absolutely driven by a collective fear of Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.” – US cable network

Jon Watts, Managing Partner of MTM, said: “It’s clear that broadcasters and MVPDs are looking to advanced advertising solutions to help them compete with the data-driven offerings of the major internet companies. The question is whether they can work together and forge partnerships that unlock the insight and inventory required to deliver addressability at scale. Our research suggests that the industry is ready to move forwards and there seems to be a healthy appetite amongst executives for greater cooperation in the advanced advertising space.”

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace, said: “The pace of change in the broadcast industry is such that regular check-ins on the state of the marketplace are essential.  It’s noticeable in this report how the broadcast industry is coming together to forge a common path and looking to adopt common technologies and standards to realize the full potential of addressable TV.  This is a fascinating period in the long history of live and linear television — broadcasters are realising the immense value of live content, which is why we’re seeing the major internet companies jump in — and through collaboration, I believe it has a very bright future.”

The research paper, entitled “The imperative for addressability in live and linear video,” was informed by a seminar in New York attended by leading US TV and agency executives. This was supplemented by a series of one-to-one interviews discussing the current state of the live and linear TV market, its future in the digital landscape and the steps required for broadcasters to protect and enhance market share.  It follows a European-focused report that was published earlier in the year.

Download the new paper here.

TV4 and Yospace achieve Swedish first with server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion for live channels

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London, 1st November 2017 – Sweden’s largest commercial broadcaster, TV4, has chosen Yospace’s award-winning Dynamic Ad Insertion solution to monetise live channels on its TV everywhere platform, TV4 Play.

In a first for the Swedish market, TV4 is using Yospace’s server-side DAI system to open up new inventory across its live streams in a way that provides a seamless online television experience for the platform’s 3 million registered viewers.

The companies began working together in 2014, when server-side Dynamic Ad Insertion was launched on TV4 Play’s catch-up content on Apple TV and Chromecast devices.  By extending the technology to live, TV4 is able to implement a long-term business case across a format that could only previously be monetised through limited, pre-roll advertising opportunities.

The system is available on TV4 Play on iOS and Android devices, and is launching across HTML5 for web this month.

“We were looking for a solution to transform our broadcasting business into the digital age and Yospace provides us with key technology to achieve that,” said Marcus Lindén, Head of Development & Integrations at Bonnier Broadcasting.  “Yospace was also a good fit in our best of breed strategy and proved themselves to be a nicely crafted puzzle piece into how we want to build our software stack.”

“We’re delighted to be working with TV4 on this first launch of server-side DAI for live channels in Sweden,” said Edward New, Commercial Director at Yospace.  “Live television is at the heart of broadcasting and Yospace’s platform has become an essential tool in monetising broadcaster’s channels online, in the UK and mainland Europe, and across the globe.”

TV4 Play for web can be accessed at and the app is available on all the major connected devices.

TV4 and Yospace will be speaking at Streaming Tech Sweden event on 22nd November.  Visit the website for details:



Yospace delivers big audiences for dynamic advertisement replacement

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Reliability at scale transforms OTT into a true broadcast experience.

Staines-upon-Thames, 20 July 2015 – Yospace, the leading name in dynamic advertisement replacement, is using its presence at IBC2015 to demonstrate tailored advertising, catered for the individual, in live streams.  It will use real-world examples in recent events such as the XXII Olympic Winter Games, 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2015 Copa América to demonstrate its success.

Yospace’s solution conducts the advertisement replacement server-side.  To the consumer the stream is uninterrupted, but it contains advertising tailored to the group or to the individual. By making the replacements seamless and transparent the consumer perceives a broadcast quality service, but with advertising of such relevance that they stay with the stream.

Deployments of the technology with broadcasters have shown view-through rates for dynamic advertising replacement of up to 98.7%. With the ability to incorporate interactive functions in the online advertising, such as clickable overlays, engagement is driven even further.

“What we want to emphasise with our visitors at IBC2015 is that this is not something of the future but driving significant increases in ad revenues for our customer base today” said Tim Sewell, CEO, Yospace. “Our technology is driving huge advertising views for online channels, and scales to meet the demand of very large concurrent audiences associated with must-see events.

“Our technology is robust, scalable and proven in the most demanding live environments,” he added. “Broadcasters and online content providers can maximise their revenues through tailored, dynamic ad insertion, making more services financially viable and building better audience relations.”

Yospace’s server-side insertion technology is equally well suited to post-live and on demand services. It interfaces with campaign management tools each time a programme is subsequently viewed to tailor advertisements to the region, the group and/or the individual if required.

Yospace multiplies online advertising response for Canal 13 during Copa America

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Coverage of Copa America sees almost 100% view-through rates with dynamic advertising replacement.

Staines-upon-Thames, 16 July 2015 – Yospace, the leading name in live dynamic advertising replacement, has implemented a system at leading Chilean broadcaster Canal 13. In its first major test – coverage of the South American football competition Copa America – it delivered very high audience retention and a four-fold increase in advertising inventory.

The Yospace solution replaces commercials at the point of stream delivery, working in conjunction with the playout automation system to switch content on a precise frame. The result is that audiences do not realise that broadcast advertisements have been replaced in their online stream, but receive much more accurately targeted advertising, which in turn leads to better retention.

Canal 13 were looking to insert clickable video ads within their live streams to deliver impressions that were trackable. Its current solution could insert separate ads in live streaming but were neither interactive nor trackable.

The principal advantage is that Yospace can insert interactive advertising into online feeds, with all the appropriate tracking capabilities to ensure a broadcaster gets paid. Coupled with the seamless user experience, this makes a very attractive proposition for advertisers, as Canal 13 demonstrated.

“Yospace gave us 10 times more inventory to replace ads,” said Rodrigo Torrealba Ruiz-Tagle, Sub Gerente Comercial Medios Digitales Canal 13. “We had an average of 98.7% view-through rate, which is just incredible.”

“We needed to find a better monetisation solution for digital live streaming,” he added. “It makes no sense to offer only TV spots within live streaming, and figure out concurrency to understand reach. With Yospace we can offer interactive video advertising while tracking  impressions accurately .”

The system was installed in time for Copa America, Canal 13’s largest event for 2015. The broadcaster’s engineering team worked alongside Yospace on a collaborative project. The result was a simple workflow that delivered a huge increase in inventory and in the effectiveness of the online advertising.

“This is another great example of how Yospace’s in-stream dynamic advertising replacement can have a transformative impact on a broadcaster,” said David Springall, CTO and Founder, Yospace. “This project not only reinforces the continued success of our proposition to deliver significant advertising revenue uplift, but also demonstrates the global reach of our service.”

QuickPlay Media delivers dynamic ad insertion for live TV

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QuickPlay Media collaborates with Yospace to deliver ad insertion for TV Everywhere solution.

Toronto, CANADA – September 12, 2014 – QuickPlay Media, the leading provider of cloud-based managed service solutions for the distribution of premium media to IP connected devices, today announced the launch of its dynamic ad insertion (DAI) capabilities for its live linear TV solution.

QuickPlay collaborated with Yospace, a content distribution innovator, to deliver a pre-integrated platform designed to splice ads into linear TV streams across iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.  The solution bolsters QuickPlay’s current national advertising capabilities with an advanced ad solution that enables service providers to further monetize content with TV Everywhere offerings integrating data from leading advertising engines and partners, including DoubleClick and FreeWheel.

The solution, currently being deployed for one of North America’s leading IPTV providers, brings 1:1 advertising to linear broadcast across connected devices.  Operators will now have the ability to customize ads and serve up user targeted ad insertion further supported by reporting and analytics. Subsequently, for content providers, DAI allows a better user experience by enabling the capabilities to deploy relevant ads to a mass audience base, and allows service providers to increase the value of their ad inventory.

“Having pioneered this market a decade ago, QuickPlay understands the need for service providers to continue to innovate and monetize TV Everywhere offerings. It is more important than ever that QuickPlay is able to support customers in further leveraging their PAY TV investments with dynamic ad insertion,” said Wayne Purboo, CEO of QuickPlay Media. “As TV Everywhere becomes core to multiscreen offerings, Dynamic Ad Insertion for live TV is the next step in enabling multiple systems operators to drive greater value, both in and out of subscribers’ homes.”

“We’re proud to be partnering with QuickPlay to drive forward the evolution of TV Everywhere. QuickPlay’s collaboration with Yospace for Dynamic Ad Insertion is a further validation of our market leading technology.” said Tim Sewell, CEO, Yospace.

The Yospace collaboration is part of QuickPlay’s industry leading effort to support new devices, networks and features with its end-to-end managed service capabilities. In addition to its existing VoD and Media Transformation services, QuickPlay now manages over 600 live channels and 30,000,000 consumptions per month through its global network operations center in San Diego. With the launch of LTE broadcast trials in September, it is well positioned to deliver continued innovative enhancements and features to customers via its managed services capabilities.


About QuickPlay Media

QuickPlay Media is the leading provider of managed service solutions for the distribution of premium multiscreen video to IP-connected devices. Successfully used by the world’s largest communications and media companies, QuickPlay’s cloud-based OpenVideo platform provides the most scalable and secure way for companies to deliver engaging multiscreen video entertainment experiences. For more information, please follow QuickPlay Media on Twitter @quickplaymedia or visit us on the web at

QuickPlay Media, its marks, trademarks, and logos are the exclusive property of QuickPlay Media Incorporated and may only be reproduced with the express written authorization of QuickPlay.

For media enquiries please contact;

Ryan Waters / Sabrina Johnson
Liberty Comms
+44 207 751 4444

About Yospace

Yospace provides a cloud-based video delivery platform (yospaceCDS) to offer seamless and frame accurate server-side ad replacement in both live and on-demand streams.  It supports VAST and SCTE-130 compliant ad-decision systems, and industry standard DRM for both HLS and Smooth Streaming protocols.

Yospace also offers broadcast head-end solutions.  These enable stream conditioning and ad avail detection as required for dynamic ad insertion in live streaming, including automation system integration, POIS, scheduling integration, and blackout management.

Octoshape and Yospace Pair Up To Monetize Multiscreen OTT IPTV

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Dynamic, seamless and consistent video quality ad replacement for efficient linear multiscreen OTT IPTV.

September 10th 2014, International Broadcasters Convention:Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based, over-the-top (OTT) stream acceleration and contribution technologies for broadcasters, enterprises and carriers, and veteran innovator of the mobile and multimedia monetization industry Yospace announced today a partnership to provide TV quality seamless per-user ad insertion solutions which will drive premium monetization opportunities for broadcasters.

Utilizing the Octoshape patented stream acceleration technologies, the quality of in-stream OTT video ad-insertion experiences are dramatically increased. Historically, when dynamically inserting advertising into a linear broadcast stream from random providers, the video quality of the ad does not match the video quality of the stream, either due to encoding, or the throughput challenges of non-accelerated or HTTP delivery technologies. Integrating with industry leading ad decision engines, Yospace dynamically pre-processes the original ad content to match the encoding profiles and quality of the original broadcast stream. The combined solution then results in sustained TV quality experiences, that seamlessly transitions from broadcast content to seamless per-user advertising without a shift in quality.

“Quality video experiences are a cornerstone to successful content distribution and monetization across the Internet” said Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape. “We are excited to work with Yospace as their product value proposition is in direct alignment with ours: developing cutting edge technology to help our customers build successful content distribution businesses over the Internet.”

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace, said: “Monetizing content is about consumer engagement, and video quality has a direct correlation to revenue for our customers. The combined Octoshape and Yospace solution drives that consumer engagement to a new level”

The combined solution is currently being deployed with leading direct entertainment satellite broadcasters and will be ready for large scale deployment with other OTT IPTV broadcasters customers in late 2014.

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For more information or to schedule a demo during IBC, please email

About Octoshape

Octoshape is a revolutionary cloud OTT IPTV service provider that focuses on delivering broadcast, enterprise and carrier solutions. Octoshape’s cloud technologies are adopted worldwide to enable the evolution of broadcast TV to broadband TV.  The patented stream acceleration platform combined with the suite of multicast technologies offer unparalleled stream quality, true global reach and multicast-equivalent network efficiency to deliver a consistent and cost effective TV viewing experience for broadband multi-screen, point to (multi) point contribution and enterprise delivery.  Visit us at for more information and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

For Octoshape

About Yospace

Yospace is a content distribution innovator delivering unique capabilities in multi-screen streaming, allowing broadcasters and publishers to efficiently monetize video to a wide range of connected devices.

The company’s cloud-based video delivery platform yospaceCDS offers seamless and frame accurate server-side ad replacement in both on-demand and live streams, supporting VAST and SCTE-130 compliant ad decision systems, industry standard digital rights management for both HLS and Smooth Streaming protocols.

To complement its distribution system, Yospace also offer a range of broadcast head-end solutions to enable the necessary stream conditioning and ad avail detection required for dynamic ad insertion in live streaming, including automation system integration, Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS), scheduling integration and blackout management.

STV Launches Live Streaming with Real-Time Ad Replacement

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STV, Scotland’s leading digital company and commercial broadcaster, has launched STV Watch Live, a new live streaming service with dynamic real time ad replacement on the STV Player.

STV Watch Live allows users in STV’s licence areas in Scotland to watch STV programmes live online, including top entertainment shows, comprehensive news and current affairs, and matches from the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

STV Watch Live is available online via STV Player and on iOS and Android mobile and tablet device.  STV Glasgow, STV’s new city TV channel, is also streamed live.

In a UK first, STV is working with Yospace, The Dynamic Ad Insertion Company (DAI), and leading global video ad serving and management specialist Videoplaza to deliver dynamic ad replacement and ad targeting across live streaming content.

Yospace’s seamless content replacement solution allows STV to manage its ad inventory during live streams and monetise these across a wide range of platforms through more effective ad targeting.

Alistair Brown, Chief Technology and Platforms Officer at STV, said: “We were delighted to launch live streaming on the STV Player in time for viewers to watch this summer’s World Cup.  STV always strives to offer content that is truly multi-platform, allowing consumers to watch their favourite STV programmes free of charge, anytime and anywhere they choose.

“With Videoplaza’s technology we can efficiently manage our video ad inventory across all our STV Player platforms, and working with Yospace means we can now extend this relationship to live streaming.”

Tim Sewell, Chief Executive Officer at Yospace, said: “The ability for broadcasters like STV to effectively monetise live streams across multiple platforms, whilst ensuring delivery of a true broadcast quality user experience, is key to the commercial success of simulcast. This is clearly never more true than during major events like the FIFA World Cup, and we’re delighted to be powering STV Live.”

“We’re very excited to play a part in enabling STV to deliver real time digital ad replacement within their live streams”, said Stephen Byrne, Commercial Director UK for Videoplaza. “We think digital ad replacement is a huge opportunity for broadcasters to provide their audiences with free access to exclusive content whilst simultaneously unlocking additional video advertising revenues, and STV has achieved another UK first with this initiative.”

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For further information, please contact the STV press office:

Eleanor Marshall
0141 300 3670 / 07803 970 143

Anna Hendry
0141 300 3830 / 07921 494 654

Notes to Editors

About STV

STV reaches 3.6 million viewers each month with first class programming including soaps Emmerdale and Coronation Street, big drama productions, entertainment hits The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, strong home-grown productions and the most comprehensive local news service in the UK.

STV Productions is one of the UK’s leading content businesses, with ambitious plans for growth and expansion in the UK and overseas. The company has a record of success across a range of genres including drama, factual and entertainment, producing a wide range of programmes for a variety of networks, including Catchphrase and Fake Reaction for ITV and ITV2, ratings success Antiques Road Trip for BBC One and quiz show The Lie for STV and TV3. Upcoming productions include new entertainment show Let me Entertain You for ITV and quiz show The Link for BBC One.

STV’s digital business incorporates Scotland’s most popular commercial media website,, home to the STV Player and comprehensive news, sport and entertainment services.

STV recently launched new digital services providing all the latest news, events, offers, pictures and videos for consumers in Scotland’s biggest cities. STV Glasgow, STV Edinburgh, STV Aberdeen and STV Dundee are available as apps, free to download and use on iOS and Android devices, and accompanied by desktop and mobile sites.

STV has secured two licences to deliver brand new city-focused TV for Glasgow and Edinburgh. STV Glasgow will launch in June 2014 with STV Edinburgh to follow.

STV content is available across multi platforms including iOS, Android, PS3, Windows 8; YouView and Samsung Smart TV.

Box TV taps Yospace and Tremor Video to deliver ad replacement in online simulcast

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New technology allows advertisers to be laser-targeted on Box TV’s simulcast and app.

This week, Box TV is dynamically serving replacement adverts firstly into its simulcast and then app streams in real-time.

Using in-stream ad-replacement technology developed by Yospace, with ad decisioning performed by Tremor Video, Box TV will provide an alternative online advertising solution where brands can target audiences by channel and environment using viewer data.

Julie Wright, Business Development and Commercial Director at Box TV, says: “We’re passionate about bringing viewer-friendly advertising technology to our partners, audiences and products. So we are proud to be the first TV network in the UK to introduce laser-focused ad break replacement to our simulcast player and The Box+ app. We can now provide our clients with a more tailored and relevant approach when advertising online and on-air – it’s a unique position to be in.”

The new adverts can be interactive, so users can click straight through to the dedicated brand website. There will also be enhanced data available to advertisers, who will be able to measure click-through rates within mobile app environments.

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace, says: “Our platform delivers a genuine TV viewing experience whilst enabling fully personalised in-stream ad replacement, unlocking an entirely new revenue stream for broadcasters as well as giving advertisers a measureable new platform to advertise on. We are extremely excited to work with Box TV on this UK industry first.”

Alex Macnamara, Managing Director, UK at Tremor Video, says: “The future of TV is changing swiftly; with the impact of new platforms like Netflix, BT Sport, Now TV and Google’s Chromecast, through to traditional broadcast channels such as 4OD, ITV Player and BBC iPlayer meeting consumer demand for content on their terms. Box TV, Yospace and Tremor Video’s advertising solution is another great illustration of how smart technology is driving this change to meet both consumer and advertiser interests.”

Please contact Bite on 0208 741 1123 or for further information.


Box TV is the UK’s most-watched music TV network. A joint venture between Channel 4 and Bauer Media, it broadcasts seven inimitable music television channels from the UK’s no.1 music TV channel 4Music, to The Box, Smash Hits, Kiss, heat, Magic and leading rock destination Kerrang! In Q1 2014, the portfolio attracted 22.8m viewers.

It also broadcasts through dedicated simulcast players hosted on the channel’s relevant websites (e.g., allowing viewers to watch on the web and via mobile and tablet devices. In May 2013, Box TV also developed an industry-first interactive TV portal that gives 4Music Freeview viewers’ access to Magic, Kiss and Kerrang! via the red button.

The free Box+ app is also available to download from the App Store and Google Play, allowing viewers to watch the portfolio wherever, whenever they want.

Box TV is dedicated and passionate about driving creative and innovative programming formats to ensure viewers get the ultimate experience on Freeview (4Music plus Kiss, Kerrang! and Magic accessible via the Red Button), Sky, Virgin Media, Freesat (all channels except 4Music) and on TalkTalk’s YouView (all channels except 4Music).

To download The Box+ mobile and table app, please visit:

Network Ten join forces with Yospace to provide live ad replacement across simulcast for the XXII Olympic Winter Games

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Network Ten Launches Online Advertising Innovation.

Sydney, Australia – February 3, 2014: In an industry first, Network Ten has joined forces with content replacement technology provider Yospace to create new opportunities for marketers in the live streaming channels it will launch for the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

Network Ten’s industry leading digital platform tenplay will run eight simultaneous live streams during the Games, which start on February 7.

Two of the streams will carry all of the action live as broadcast on TEN and ONE. There will also be six dedicated live streams direct from Sochi.

Working with Yospace, Network Ten will offer seamless and frame accurate replacement of the broadcast advertising in the live streams from the Games.

Network Ten will continue to work with Yospace after the XXII Olympic Winter Games end on February 24.

Network Ten Chief Sales Officer, Louise Barrett, said: “This represents the first time an Australian media company has offered live ad replacement or insertion in online streams – and we are delighted that we can do it in our coverage of the spectacular Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.”

Network Ten Chief Digital Officer, Rebekah Horne, said the introduction of the Yospace system was an important step for tenplay and Australian advertisers.

“Delivering effective monetisation of live content with a true broadcast user experience is a milestone for digital media,” she said.

“What attracted us to the Yospace technology was that it was a complete and automated solution – from our play-out through to the end-user device.”

Ms Horne said the ability to execute targeted interactive ad replacement would give advertisers a level of personalisation and interactivity not previously seen in live online simulcasts. Ads are managed through DoubleClick, integrated with the Yospace system, to determine which ads are shown to each user.

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace, said: “It’s a privilege to be working with Network Ten to deliver this world-first for such a prestigious event. It also represents the start of a long-term partnership powering the monetisation of their regular simulcast output to connected devices.”

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For further information, please contact:
Sarah Tulley
Corporate Communications Executive
Network Ten
P: (02) 9650 1226. M: 0428 299 674


About Yospace
Founded in 1999, Yospace is a veteran innovator of the mobile and multimedia industry. Its platform yospaceCDS permits broadcasters, digital publishers, applications developers and mobile operators to rapidly and affordably deliver and monetise cross-platform video services.

With the growing convergence of traditional broadcast and cross platform media consumption, Yospace is now a major player in content distribution and monetisation. Today Yospace provides streaming services and advertising replacement technology to broadcasters looking to retain audience loyalty and build revenues by making content available on all connected platforms and devices.

Yospace is foremost a cloud-based software-as-service provider but is unique in that it provides software and hardware components to broadcasters to facilitate the task of integrating their workflows with this flexible advanced delivery platform. This provides highly scalable solutions giving its clients maximum flexibility without being locked in to heavy infrastructure costs.