Yospace x Endeavor Streaming: powering the future of regional sports

Paul Davies

Head of Marketing, Yospace

Apr 9, 2024



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Our partnership with Endeavor Streaming opens up huge potential for sports organisations to grow their OTT advertising. Endeavor Streaming has a history of transforming the world’s best-known sports brands into full-blown media owners. Its Vesper Platform offers a complete end-to-end streaming solution that enables clubs and rights-holders to build upon and deliver memorable direct-to-consumer (D2C) streaming experiences for their fans.


If you look at the changing face of the regional sports market, it’s easy to see why our best-in-breed SSAI is the perfect complement to Vesper.


The changing face of regional sports


Sports organisations have never been more empowered to connect directly with fans on a daily basis and grow brand loyalty. Owned & operated, direct-to-consumer (D2C) apps are enabling fans to interact with their favourite clubs in new ways, both during and in between match days. At the heart of these interactions is OTT video.


Right now, sports clubs and rights-holders are in the nascent stages of D2C. Most are taking their first steps into OTT and need to define their strategy, which can bring a lot of uncertainty.


If you’re a sports organisation, you may look to licence your games initially through an established streaming provider, using your D2C app to surface supporting content. While traditionally a valid and tested strategy, this approach comes with limitations because it wouldn’t provide you with the level of control, brand interaction or fan engagement you would get if you were streaming matches yourself and owning the relationship with your fans. Then again, streaming and monetising live sports is a complex process. It takes time to get set up. So, it may make sense to licence matches out initially while building your D2C path to the future.


As their D2C propositions grow, sports organisations will have the assurance that they can benefit from turnkey access to Yospace’s world-leading SSAI through Endeavor Streaming.


The Yospace x Endeavor Streaming difference


The combination of Yospace and Endeavor Streaming solutions not only offers best-in-breed streaming and SSAI tech, we’re also combining years of experience working in partnership with household sports brands across the globe. The complexities of deploying and running ad-based live streaming mean that there are significant advantages to working with experts who can guide you through - not just for launch, but to support long-term strategy as well.


SSAI is not a simple case of turning on a tap and watching advertising revenues flow in. Careful campaign management is required, based on real-time live measurement, to maximise fill-rates and generate the highest return on ad revenues possible. Yospace and Endeavor Streaming can help sports organisations from a standing start through to running advanced advertising strategies.


There are lots of exciting opportunities to grow your business through D2C if you’re a sports organisation today.  Our partnership with Endeavor Streaming means that you will be as prepared as possible to make the most of them, whichever form they take.

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