Octoshape and Yospace Pair Up To Monetize Multiscreen OTT IPTV

Sep 12, 2014



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Dynamic, seamless and consistent video quality ad replacement for efficient linear multiscreen OTT IPTV.

September 10th 2014, International Broadcasters Convention:Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based, over-the-top (OTT) stream acceleration and contribution technologies for broadcasters, enterprises and carriers, and veteran innovator of the mobile and multimedia monetization industry Yospace announced today a partnership to provide TV quality seamless per-user ad insertion solutions which will drive premium monetization opportunities for broadcasters.

Utilizing the Octoshape patented stream acceleration technologies, the quality of in-stream OTT video ad-insertion experiences are dramatically increased. Historically, when dynamically inserting advertising into a linear broadcast stream from random providers, the video quality of the ad does not match the video quality of the stream, either due to encoding, or the throughput challenges of non-accelerated or HTTP delivery technologies. Integrating with industry leading ad decision engines, Yospace dynamically pre-processes the original ad content to match the encoding profiles and quality of the original broadcast stream. The combined solution then results in sustained TV quality experiences, that seamlessly transitions from broadcast content to seamless per-user advertising without a shift in quality.

“Quality video experiences are a cornerstone to successful content distribution and monetization across the Internet” said Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape. “We are excited to work with Yospace as their product value proposition is in direct alignment with ours: developing cutting edge technology to help our customers build successful content distribution businesses over the Internet."

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace, said: “Monetizing content is about consumer engagement, and video quality has a direct correlation to revenue for our customers. The combined Octoshape and Yospace solution drives that consumer engagement to a new level”

The combined solution is currently being deployed with leading direct entertainment satellite broadcasters and will be ready for large scale deployment with other OTT IPTV broadcasters customers in late 2014.

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About Octoshape

Octoshape is a revolutionary cloud OTT IPTV service provider that focuses on delivering broadcast, enterprise and carrier solutions. Octoshape’s cloud technologies are adopted worldwide to enable the evolution of broadcast TV to broadband TV.  The patented stream acceleration platform combined with the suite of multicast technologies offer unparalleled stream quality, true global reach and multicast-equivalent network efficiency to deliver a consistent and cost effective TV viewing experience for broadband multi-screen, point to (multi) point contribution and enterprise delivery.  Visit us at for more information and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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About Yospace

Yospace is a content distribution innovator delivering unique capabilities in multi-screen streaming, allowing broadcasters and publishers to efficiently monetize video to a wide range of connected devices.

The company’s cloud-based video delivery platform yospaceCDS offers seamless and frame accurate server-side ad replacement in both on-demand and live streams, supporting VAST and SCTE-130 compliant ad decision systems, industry standard digital rights management for both HLS and Smooth Streaming protocols.

To complement its distribution system, Yospace also offer a range of broadcast head-end solutions to enable the necessary stream conditioning and ad avail detection required for dynamic ad insertion in live streaming, including automation system integration, Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS), scheduling integration and blackout management.

About Yospace

Yospace is the foremost provider of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technologyin the world today. Its solution allows live streams and on demand (VoD)content to be monetised for OTT in a way that is true to the seamless viewerexperience of linear television, while opening up benefits of digitaladvertising such as one-to-one addressability and real-time measurement.Yospace is a division of the RTL Group. Customers include; DirecTV, Fox, Sky,ITV, Channel 4, TV4, TV2, Telia, RTL, Seven, Nine & Optus.

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