Yospace and THEOplayer partnership enables Dynamic Ad Insertion for HTML5

Aug 24, 2016



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Yospace, the industry leader in Dynamic Ad Insertion technology, has announced a partnership with THEOplayer that enables server-side ad replacement across live channels in HTML5. The solution, which works in both HLS and MPEG-DASH environments, offers the broadcaster a clear route to monetising live streams across all major platforms and devices, avoiding the headache of device fragmentation which has complicated the route to market until now.Server-side ad replacement has become a crucial tool for broadcasters in monetising their online channels.  Without it, as in the case of live sports, viewers can be watching for a number of hours without seeing any ads that are sold for online.  Yospace’s platform allows ad breaks to be replaced in a way that is smooth and frame-accurate, providing an excellent user experience for the viewer while opening up a huge amount of inventory for the broadcaster.Content protection is another key component in digital strategy for the broadcaster, particularly those with rights to live sports or major events.  THEOplayer integrates seamlessly with streams secured by Widevine, PlayReady or FairPlay DRM systems, ensuring the integrity of the content is maintained across all key platforms.David Springall, CTO, Yospace, commented, “Our partnership with THEOplayer represents a perfect marriage between the needs of the broadcaster and viewer.  Live streams are monetised in a way that is undisruptive to the experience of watching live television online, and we can finally enjoy consistency across major platforms and devices.”“We are excited to work together with Yospace, industry leader in Dynamic Ad Insertion technology” said Maarten Tielemans, CPO of THEOplayer “At THEOplayer we believe that Dynamic Ad Insertion is the future of online content monetisation, and this partnership ensures that THEOplayer and Yospace DAI can be used together seamlessly by online publishers such as OTT operators and broadcasters. Together with Yospace, we now make it possible for content owners to optimally monetise their content across all platforms and devices in HTML5, while offering a world class viewer experience.”

About Yospace

Yospace is the foremost provider of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology in the world today. Its solution allows live streams and on demand (VoD) content to be monetized for OTT in a way that is true to the seamless viewer experience of linear television, while opening up benefits of digital advertising such as one-to-one addressability and real-time measurement.

Yospace was the first to publicly demonstrate SSAI in a live stream, with ITV in 2012, and today services major broadcasters and network operators across the globe, including DIRECTV and FOX in the USA; Sky Media, ITV, BT Sport, Channel 4 and STV in the UK; Telia and TV4 in Sweden; Optus, Nine, and Seven West Media in Australia.

In early 2019 Yospace was 100% acquired by RTL Group.

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