Yospace partner with SpotX to deliver personalised advertisement replacement

Apr 29, 2016



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Yospace has partnered with video inventory management platform SpotX to serve personally targeted replacement advertisements within live streams.

The partnership opens up ad spots in live TV ad breaks that were previously impossible to monetise when viewed online.  Replacement adverts benefit from the latest advances in personalised targeting, allowing broadcasters and advertisers to think beyond traditional age and gender data sets and develop their relationship with the individual viewer.

Ad stitching by Yospace is performed server-side, resulting in a solution that works across the multitude of connected screens.  For the broadcaster this means a single streaming workflow can be applied to linear content across its whole ecosystem.  When combined with SpotX’s advanced decisioning capability, adverts can be placed that are of equal or higher value to the original broadcast.

“As people consume television across different devices Dynamic Ad Insertion provides an opportunity for broadcasters to make their advertising inventory more valuable and increase the price,” says Léon Siotis, Managing Director for the UK and Southern Europe at SpotX.  “Our partnership with Yospace means broadcasters can decide whether to deliver a dynamically targeted ad in real time, in a given ad break across our global platform.”

Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace added, "Server-Side Dynamic Ad Insertion, particularly for live simulcast, sits at the forefront of broadcaster thinking now and Yospace's expanding customer list, which includes DIRECTV, Sky, ITV and Channel 4, is evidence that we're seen as the experts in personalised ad insertion technologies.  SpotX have built an equally strong reputation on the inventory management side, and we're delighted to welcome them as a partner.  The relationship promises one-to-one user engagement with a robustness at scale to suit major online television audiences.”

About Yospace

Yospace is the foremost provider of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology in the world today. Its solution allows live streams and on demand (VoD) content to be monetized for OTT in a way that is true to the seamless viewer experience of linear television, while opening up benefits of digital advertising such as one-to-one addressability and real-time measurement.

Yospace was the first to publicly demonstrate SSAI in a live stream, with ITV in 2012, and today services major broadcasters and network operators across the globe, including DIRECTV and FOX in the USA; Sky Media, ITV, BT Sport, Channel 4 and STV in the UK; Telia and TV4 in Sweden; Optus, Nine, and Seven West Media in Australia.

In early 2019 Yospace was 100% acquired by RTL Group.

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