Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Go Live: Supporting Addressable, Ad-Supported Live Video At Scale

Together with Akamai and SpotX, Yospace address the challenges that broadcasters face in delivering the viewer experience and scale of TV alongside the advertising capabilities of digital for major live events.

Download the white paper.

The future of live and linear video

Yospace sponsored a research programme by leading international research consultancy MTM that looks at the growth of live OTT television in Europe and the USA and the advanced advertising opportunities that are being created as a result.

The research also looks at the increasing competition from major internet companies for sports rights and the lessons being learned from leading broadcasters in how to respond.

Read the findings in this white paper.

Translating Broadcast Ad Copy Principles to the Dynamic Ad Insertion Age

With TV programming increasingly available online, a door has opened for digital advertising with impressive reach and rich targeting options. This is really the first time advertisers have been able to deliver targeted ads against TV programmes. However, to achieve the same sophistication as other online channels, media, advertisers and technology providers must come together to drive standardisation.

This joint paper from Yospace and Adstream, which was originally presented at NAB 2017, puts forward the ideas and findings on what needs to be done to make efficient OTT advertising a reality.

Download the white paper.

Through the Consumer Lens 2016

This research, conducted on behalf of Yospace by Censuswide, gauges the appetite and attitudes of consumers towards advertising in the online world.  Among the findings are the fact that 78% of live online TV viewers are more likely to take notice if ads are targeted and relevant to them personally.

Access the highlights and infographic here.